The Truth About Terrorism They Don’t Want You To Know!

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Regarding terror, some years ago I wrote an article on terrorism that I totally forgot about. I just stumbled upon it while doing some other work. I think this piece tells you the truth about Terrorism & TerrorTerror, and who are the real terrorists that we should be most concerned about.

I called this article The Conspiracy Of Terror because that is basically what it is!

Actually, at the time I was also totally unaware of the cynical manipulations that governments get up to, such as false-flag terrorism, CIA torture, and the like. So in a way, that makes this article somewhat prophetic in that I assumed a degree of innocence that does not actually exist. The truth is probably more jaundiced and cynical than any of us could imagine.

Anyway, the truth is that without what I describe in this article going on, the scope for terrorism would be severally limited, if not rendered completely impotent.


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