Israel, Iran & World War 3

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Here is an article that tells a big piece of the story behind the motives of the present Iran/USA/Israel:

Dispelling The Lies About US Aggression In The Persian Gulf

I also wish to engage in a simple mathematical exercise here:

Jewish population of Israel: 5.7 million

Population of New York City: 8.2 million
Population of London: 8 million +
Population of World:  7 billion

Key allies of Iran: China & Russia


1) The total population of Jews in Israel is smaller than the populations of typical large SINGLE Western cities like London and New York! We are not talking about the entire country here, just single large cities.

2) As a percentage of the total world population, the entire population of Jews living in Israel constitutes 0.08%. In simple terms, this is not 1/100th, this is not 1/1000th, this is only 8/10,000th of the entire world population, i.e. 1/2500.

And yet, the USA and the Western allies are potentially preparing themselves to enter a war in support of this minuscule population’s strategic objectives; one that could very easily escalate into World War 3. Iran is not alone, despite the USA’s best efforts to neutralize their key local supporter in the area, Syria, using the same tired old formula that worked in Iraq and Libya. China and Russia are also allies of Iran and will not be able to stand idly by while the West basically takes over the Middle East for its own strategic economic purposes.

In other words, in order to support the objectives of a mere 5.7 million people, we are potentially willing to put the entire population of ever 7 BILLION people at risk (and that does not include countless innocent animals, plus the devastation of the planet’s ecosystem).

I try very hard not to say much about the Israel issue. However, I ask you: what kind of insanity is this?….

It was alliances between the major powers that turned what should have been a regional war in the Balkans into World War 1. It began with the shooting of a single man and his wife. Nobody expected Word War 1 to result. Yet, almost precisely 100 years later, we are preparing to do the same insane thing.

Even Hitler had specific and limited strategic intentions when he invaded Poland, contrary to what most people think. He never envisaged nor expected a war with Britain, whom he envisaged as a potential future ally. He repeatedly stated that a 2-front war for Germany could not be won, and that this has been the key mistake of World War 1.

In other words, both world wars began without any intention of them actually BECOMING world wars! It was strategic alliances and pacts between countries that led to both. And what do we have here? The exact same thing.

Hence, it is clear that nobody ever learns anything from history. The numbers shown above demonstrate that beyond any doubt.

It is about time that the USA finally understands that Israel is a completely FOREIGN country, not the 51st State of the USA. The Jewish population of the USA is a mere 2%, and yet via the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC, this 2% seems to have hijacked the foreign policy of the entire country, certainly as far as the Middle East is involved. Apart from that, only a few years ago, senior US military figures advised the American government that its stance on Israel was putting troops’ lives at risk across the world.

And the rest of the Western world needs to understand that it is perilous stupidity to ever “make war so that peace shall come of it” i.e. the pre-emptive war. That is a uniquely late 20th/early 21st century folly that nobody in previous history ever engaged in, at least as far as I am aware. it is bred from the fact that the allegedly peace-loving nations have far more firepower at their disposal than the so-called terror nations they are facing.

People should be justifiably concerned, even infuriated, that the lives of everyone on the planet, the entire history of civilization to date, everything we have striven to achieve, is potentially being put at risk of being snuffed out forever.

And for what? For the agenda of 5.7 million people. All of whom are perfectly capable of living anywhere else in the world they wish, but who choose to remain right where they are.

Less than the population of either New York or London. Just 8/10,000 of the entire world population!

Am I the only one who sees this? Surely not.

Well, maybe not just for 5.7 million people. When we couple this together with what the REAL motives of all these strategic moves in the Middle East have always been about, as suggested above in this article… people should be coming out in the street against their own governments.

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